Advisory Notes for Captains

1.   Captains of Teams are responsible for ensuring that:

      a.  They are fully conversant with the rules of the Competitions  (Pink Pages 4 – 14 )

      b.  They are fully conversant with the DCLGA/EG Transportation policy (Pink Pages Para’s 14 – 16)

      c.   They contact the Inter-Club Match Secretary if they foresee any problems in fulfilling their commitments.

2.   Host Captains must contact the visiting Captain in the week before the match to confirm arrangements.  The visiting Captain should be informed of any restrictions in force or likely to be in force, (e.g. dress code, use of trolleys, temporary greens, type of shoes) not later than 24 hours before the match.  It is a discourtesy to the host club, and to DCLGA, if the dress code is not complied with.

3.   Team Captains should:

      a.   before the day of the Match, inform team members of telephone numbers to be used for contacting them if necessary             immediately prior to a match

      b.   arrive at the Club at least 45 minutes before the commencement of the match to:

                         i.  check all their team is present and fit to play

                         ii. check the team’s current playing handicaps

                         iii  exchange team lists, write out cards etc. (Pink Pages 11 para 88)

      c.   be available either on the course or in the clubhouse

      d.   if playing in a team, appoint a Deputy to act on her behalf until the match is finished, (Pink Pages 11 para 89)

4.   Team Captains are responsible for ensuring that:

      a.   team members play in handicap order and carry a current R & A Rules book.

      b.   reserves, if any, are present and ready to play if required

      c.   team members are on the first tee ready to play at least 5 minutes before their start time.

      d.   “caddies” are caddies in accordance with the Rules of Golf.

      e.   result sheets are returned to the Inter Club Match Secretary by the winning team within 3 days of the match result.

5.   In case of bad weather, regardless of whether the home course is open, the two team captains can decide on the day of   the match to reschedule, and the away team captain has the right to make this request without having to travel to the host club. Common sense should prevail in this decision.

6.   If it is not possible to complete all the matches, because of bad weather, every effort should be made to find another date so that the match can be completed in accordance with Rule 33-2d.  If this proves impossible, the choices are:

      a.   the results of completed matches stand, and incomplete matches are declared null and void or treated as halved.

      b.   the results of completed matches stand and the incomplete matches are declared null and void; the Captains     appointing a day on which they are to be replayed, with each team free to alter its original team, subject to the proviso that no player who took part in a completed match may take part in any of the matches to be replayed.

      c.   Declare the match null and void and appoint a day for it to be replayed with each team free to alter its original team.

Examples of different scenarios are given in the R & A booklet “Guidance on Running a Competition” – Appendix I.

Decisions to be made are sometimes difficult and occasionally apparently unfair to somebody.  The competition organisers (acting on behalf of DCLGA) reserve the right in the conditions of the competition, to make a decision in equity when it is impossible to complete a match, or series of matches, in accordance with the Rules of Golf.

On occasions, fog may delay the start of a match.  Local knowledge and discretion will play a large part in deciding how long it is practicable to wait before consideration is given to re-scheduling the match.   At least one hour’s delay is considered reasonable.

7.    Courtesy of a course for match practice should not be sought by anyone unless it has been arranged by the Inter-Club Match Sec.


8.   When a winning result has been obtained in the quarter- semi- or finals, teams will be called in by DCLGA officials when instructed to do so by the Inter- Club Match Secretary.

9.  Captains/Team Captains should be present with their teams to receive the Trophies at Prize-giving

10. Secretaries of Ladies Sections are responsible for the safe-keeping of Trophy boxes or Velvet bags in which DCLGA Trophies are housed whilst in transit, and should ensure that they are returned with the trophies when requested by a DCLGA Official.

11. All engraving and repairs will be carried out by DCLGA and Clubs will be liable for the first £50 worth of any damage incurred whilst the trophies are their responsibility.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 January 2013